Traveler Series: Natasha Huang Smith of JETSETAWAY, PR Consultant & Travel Writer

Posted on 03 July 2017

This week on the fourth instalment of our Traveler Series we got the lowdown from the forever wanderlusting Natasha Huang Smith on her inspirations behind travels and recommended destinations for fellow jet-setters. Based in New York, Natasha is a former fashion publicist turned PR consultant and travel writer. She currently contributes to Harper's Bazaar and PopSugar and lives on NYC’s Upper West Side with her husband and their lizard gecko, Sally. 

Natasha loves wandering the world, inspiring others, living in the moment and taking photos along the way. When she isn't traveling, you can find her searching for the newest rooftop bar, exploring a new pop up art exhibit or catching rare Pokemons. After executing countless runway shows around the world, Natasha decided to take her wanderlust to paper with her journal, JETSETAWAY to document her adventures and inspire herself and others to live in a constant state of exploration, wherever that may be.

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ESEMBLE Traveler Series Natasha Huang Smith, Fashion PR Consultant & Travel Writer Dive Bucket Bag in Fog Arezzo, Italy
Shot in Arezzo, Italy with Dive Bucket Bag in Fog

We love all the images on your recent trip to the Italian Riviera and Ibiza! How many countries have you travelled to so far?

40+ (A large part of the countries I've been to was due to the fact that I lived in Budapest for a year in my 20s!)

ESEMBLE Traveler Series Natasha Huang Smith, Fashion PR Consultant & Travel Writer Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda Barcelona, Spain
Shot in Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda; Barcelona, Spain

Wowsa that's quite a lot of traveling! What are 3 essentials that you can't travel without and will never forget to bring?

Always bring hand sanitizer (you will ALWAYS need clean hands wherever you go), hand and face moisturizer (airplane and climate changes really dries out your skin!), a cashmere wrap (because its the best to have on a plane).

ESEMBLE Traveler Series Natasha Huang Smith, Fashion PR Consultant & Travel Writer Dive Bucket Bag in Fog Barcelona, Spain
Shot in Barcelona, Spain with Dive Bucket Bag in Fog

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - What inspires you to travel and what do you hope to find?

I believe I was born with a wandering soul. I live to learn about cultures different than my own, to hear and learn languages I do not know and to completely submerge myself into a world different to my daily life. Traveling to me is the glorious pursuit of a life well lived. I travel to experience life in another light to make stories for myself out of the journeys and eventually sharing them with loved ones.

ESEMBLE Traveler Series Natasha Huang Smith, Fashion PR Consultant & Travel Writer Dive Bucket Bag in Fog Waikiki, Hawaii
Shot in Waikiki, Hawaii

You describe the essence of traveling so perfectly. When you travel to a new destination, how to you submerge yourself in the local scene?

I try to go out to a local restaurant or bar or go exploring a shopping area by myself. Spending time alone in an unfamiliar area doing something you enjoy is the best way to submerge yourself into a new place. You will find yourself discovering more this way over simply reading and strategically mapping out exactly where they need to go or what they need to see. Strike up a conversation with locals, shop keepers and restaurant staff because they carry the most authentic knowledge of your destination.

ESEMBLE Traveler Series Natasha Huang Smith, Fashion PR Consultant & Travel Writer Manarola, Italy
Shot in Manarola, Italy

Having travelled to so many destinations, what is one of the places that you would recommend visiting? Why?

If you are an avid traveler like myself, challenge yourself to go to a destination you are most outside your element, don't speak the language or are unfamiliar with the culture. It will heighten your sense of adapting quickly. I always try to travel to places that have a city feel but a laid back beach vibe nearby so that I get the best of both worlds on one trip. I.e. Paris and then taking a train to the Cannes or Nice so that I can explore both city hustle and beach tranquility.

What's your next destination?

Bermuda, Tuscany, Croatia, Kenya

We hope you enjoy this instalment. In case you're new here or if you missed the previous instalments on Traveler Series, make sure you check them out for some wanderlust inspiration. Stick around for some more thoughts on traveling from one of our Meet the Girl Denise Lai!

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