Traveler Series: Natalie Chiaravanond, Travel Show Host & Actress

This week on the third episode of our Traveler Series we're featuring the gorgeous and talented, Natalie "Lee" Chiaravanond! Based in Thailand, Natalie has a job most girls would kill for — she gets paid to travel the world, visit beautiful destinations and taste delightful authentic cuisines on her far-flung explorations! As a popular travel show host, Natalie is always jet-setting worldwide while bringing laughter and joy to her fans.

We chat to Natalie about her travel essentials, upcoming travel plans, and tips on how to immerse into local scenes when traveling. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with her latest adventures!

In case you're new here (hola!) or if you missed our previous posts on Traveler Series, make sure you check them out for your daily dose of inspiration.

ESEMBLE Journal Traveler Series Lee Natalie Chiaravanond, Travel Show Host & Actress Bell Shoulder Bag in Taffy Okinawa Japan
Shot in Okinawa, Japan with Bell Shoulder Bag in Taffy

Home is where the heart is, but there are certain things that make it much easier to be away from home. What are 3 carry-on essentials you can't travel without?

My lipstick, phone & passport.

ESEMBLE Journal Traveler Series Lee Natalie Chiaravanond, Travel Show Host & Actress Travel Lifestyle
Shot in Maldives; Kyoto, Japan

As a travel show host, you introduce viewers to exotic locales, stunning landscapes, and fine foods all over the world. How many countries have you traveled to?

So far I've been to around 45 countries!

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” - What inspires you to travel and what have you learned through travelling, both about yourself and other people?

I love traveling and I'm always curious about the world. There's always something new to learn - people I meet along the way who inspire me and, the fascinating histories and food cultures of foreign lands. One of the reasons why I love doing travel TV shows is that I often get feedback from my viewers saying how they don't have the opportunity to go on a trip themselves. Through watching the show and following me on social media, they feel like they're traveling the world with us. This means a lot to my team, we're really lucky that we get to explore the world and share the awe and wonder with our audience! It makes me super happy that my experience can also become others' experience.

ESEMBLE Journal Traveler Series Lee Natalie Chiaravanond, Travel Show Host & Actress Dive Bucket Bag in Black Kyoto Japan
Shot in Kyoto, Japan with Dive Bucket Bag in Black

Traveling allows one to explore cultures outside of our own. When you travel to a new destination, how do you immerse yourself in the local scene?

For me, the charms of traveling is to meet new people from different cultures. Traveling to new places is a great way to expose yourself to new ways of thinking. While it is easy to simply sit back and observe as an outsider, as travelers we should alway embrace and appreciate the local cultureIt always helps to do a little research beforehand to avoid social faux pas when traveling. If you cannot get a hold of the language, starting an interaction with a friendly smile will never fail. Never underestimate the value of a friendly greeting. Observing their body language also helps a lot to understand and communicate better.

ESEMBLE Journal Traveler Series Lee Natalie Chiaravanond, Travel Show Host & Actress Nara JapanShot in Nara, Japan

Do you have any travel plans coming up?

My next destination is Australia. I've been to Australia before, but I've never had a chance to go skiing there. So I'm super excited!

Being an experienced traveler yourself, what would be your one holiday recommendation for first-time travelers?

There are just too many to pick one! It really depends on what you're looking for. What I recommend a lot though, is that if you don't know what you like yet as a traveler - try a cruise! Best thing about cruising is that you can just relax and enjoy as you visit numerous countries without having to unpack at each stop. Every morning you'll wake up in a new country with new horizons, it's so fun! I'd recommend a bigger cruise ship because you won't get seasick easily and there's much more onboard activities to attend. Make sure you do your research before booking the trip — you should put some thought into the routes and consider what type of vacation is right for you. 

We hope you enjoy this episode. Stay tuned for our interview with Natasha Huang Smith, co-founder of Connectors and Creators and contributor to Harpers Bazaar, PopSugar next week!

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