Meet the Girl: Rachel Ma, Stylist, Creative Director & Fashion Consultant

Posted on 21 October 2016

This week's girl is the sleek and sexy fashion guru, Rachel Ma! We joined Rachel on her way to work one morning and had a lovely chat with her about being a modern girl and a major influence in the local fashion scene. Rachel's work is as much an avant garde visual feast as it is about her unique style, with some retro vibes and sultry touches every now and then.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, Creative Director Rachel Ma is currently in Hong Kong after spending over 10 years in Europe. Rachel has been involved in the fashion industry since a young age. She works closely alongside global artists, musicians and public figures, as well as a regular contributor to numbers of worldwide fashion publications. Within months of arriving in Hong Kong, not only has Rachel been producing unique and innovative fashion campaigns and editorials, she has also been heavily involved in nurturing young fashion talents in Hong Kong. She is a familiar face to be seen at this city's exclusive functions and events.

What are the three essential items you’re currently carrying in your Kiosk Tote?

My essential items are my perfume, sunglasses, which I find impossible to live without when you live in Hong Kong. And my journal, I carry it everywhere with me because I am super old-fashioned and still prefer to have my schedule written down instead of on my iPhone.

What does it mean to you to be a ‘modern girl’?

For me, a modern girl doesn't necessary mean a flawless or perfectly polished woman. A modern girl to me is a woman who knows her style, she is confident, independent and very funny. She brings the light with her everywhere she goes. A modern girl is always full of energy and down for an adventure. A super cool cat!

What little joys in life do you celebrate?

The joys in life, let's see - I can be as complicated as I want to be but at the same time, the smallest things really make me the happiest girl. Whether it is having breakfast with my family on a Sunday morning, an unexpected postcard from a dear friend, or picking up snacks at a gas station can make me jump. (I have a thing about gas stations, it is because the only time I would ever be in a gas station is with friends on a road trip, and it always remind me of unforgettable summer stories, being carefree and having never-ending fun. I love it.) In life I try my best to bring joy to every situation and see the good in everything.


All images © Rachel Ma


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