Meet the Girl: Laura Wiederman, Founder of The Vault Online

This week on Meet the Girl we're featuring Laura Wiederman, founder of The Vault Online! Started out as a trend-based style blog, The Vault has grown into a lifestyle brand and an insiders guide for modern women to live a stylish, well-rounded life. With backgrounds in Styling, Creative Direction, and Graphic Design, Laura is always trying to push the boundaries with The Vault’s 'rough luxe' aesthetic, whether it be in the curated assortment of The Vault collection, the graphics on the website, or the choice of topics she likes to feature. We chat with Laura about her current obsession, challenges she’s faced as an entrepreneur, as well as her inspiration behind The Vault.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started The Vault?

I first started The Vault 3 years ago with my business partner at the time. It started as a blogging duo and has since grown into a lifestyle brand. We went our separate ways about a year ago and since then I have taken over the reigns of the website and have loved every minute of it! I removed myself from being the face of the brand, but rather my fabulous team as The Vault Family. I want The Vault to be the kind of workplace you can wake up and be excited about going to!

I have also introduced an E-Commerce sector to our website, something I've become a little obsessed with! Because I'm all about mixing high end with high street items, I believe The Vault’s following is about that too! I'm constantly making those pieces that are less expensive, look downright a million dollars! I am a perfectionist which can be incredibly frustrating sometimes (just ask my right hand girl, Tilly Simpson-she’s my savior!) but it’s very important to me. Everything from the website, to the black packaging and my hand-written love notes to each customer, it’s all about attention to detail and, of course, being authentic. If I don’t completely love something I wont endorse it.

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Fashion fades, but style is eternal. Where do you find inspiration for your own style?

You’ll never catch me looking perfectly neat. I’ll always add a little edge to my outfit with still remaining luxurious. I believe in mixing a high-end piece whether it be a designer bag or killer pair of shoes (I have an obsession!) with your everyday high street fashion like Zara. When it comes to my beauty regime too, it’s a little tomboy with a little bedhead vibe or a less is more approach.  It’s about not trying too hard and letting things fall into place.

What is your current obsession and something that is a staple you can't live without?

I am obsessed with my velvet Chanel Boy Bag, it literally lifts any outfit!

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What does it mean to you to be a ‘modern girl’? What vision and values do you have for yourself, as a modern girl entrepreneur, and for the Vault?

Hmm... that is a tough one! I think a modern girl is a resilient one and one that is also “never too good to tape shoes!” – a little saying I live by, basically meaning that you are never too good to do the shitty jobs that you started your career off doing. I only support what I love and I try to be as authentic as possible, because it doesn’t take long for people to spot a phony! I also believe in killing those with kindness, you’ll never get anywhere by being a bitch. Sorry for the raw reality!

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What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

It’s a tough industry to break into, and it isn’t going to just happen overnight. I keep reminding myself that I am so fortunate to be doing what I love full time, so that is how I keep my passion and drive. Remember, you can’t do everything by yourself and it is okay to ask for help.

Girl Power is a hot topic now. The quote “The world is your oyster” encourages girls to be fearless in their endeavors - What do you aspire to for your future?

I am a big believer in girl power. All my articles and interviews focus on incredible female entrepreneurs. I think supporting other women is such an important and powerful thing. More people should get on board, because success breeds success.  I have a fabulous team; full of writers, marketing, e-commerce and digital support without whom The Vault could not be where it is today.  And as for what’s in the future… you’ll have to #watchthisspace! 

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