Meet the Girl: Kristina Petrick of Day in My Dreams, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

Posted on 09 August 2017

This week on Meet the Girl we’re featuring Kristina Petrick, the brains behind one of our favorite blogs, Day in My Dreams! Based in New York, Kristina spends a good chunk of her time traveling and sharing her adventures on her blog. She has been working in fashion marketing for the past several years, and she's constantly pursuing creativity and adventures in both work and leisure life. She believes that style should reflect wherever one's mind may be existing in a present moment in time. Kristina is best known for her accessible yet polished monochrome style.

"For dreamers with a lust for life, adventure, and luxurious style. Subtle. Bold. Independent. Ever curious."

What are the three essential items you’re currently carrying in your Ada40 Tote?

My iPad with attached keyboard for blogging on the go, a bottle of water, and a notebook are always in my go-to bag. I like to stay organized and hydrated.

ESEMBLĒ represents more than just a brand, it carries certain values, attitudes, and ways of living that makes the name unique and enchanting, just like our modern girl - What does it mean to you to be a ‘modern girl’?

The modern girl means being uniquely you, unapologetically. It's living without boundaries, and embracing the future as now.

What little joys in life do you celebrate?

Sunshine through my car window makes me smile. Days off are spent celebrating in their entirety, and meeting little milestones always calls for champaign.

The quote “The world is your oyster” encourages girls to be fearless in their endeavors - What do you aspire to for your future?

Fearless ambition is one of the most important traits if you want to meet your goals. I have new endeavors everyday, but those which I continue to aspire for include a number of travel destinations, putting every moment to good use, and taking life by the horns. I hope to see the world, enjoy timeless moments with friends and family, succeed in working endeavors, and of course, continue pursuing a Day in My Dreams.


All images © Day in My Dreams

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