Lo & Behold: Christoph Niemann's Articulate Illustrations

If you are an appreciator of the visual arts, Abstract: The Art of Design docuseries on Netflix is a must-watch. From architecture to photography to typography, the show covers eight creative minds in variety of disciplines and examines how their art shapes aspects of our lives. The first episode features Christoph Niemann, Berlin-based illustrator and graphic designer who shares his stories and inspirations behind his works of art. 

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"Abstraction is for me probably the most important concept of art."

Not only does he have an impressive résumé as a frequent cover illustrator for The New Yorker and a visual column with The New York Times, but his work also speaks for itself. Niemann transforms unassuming everyday objects into whimsical illustrations, with his ingenious and often quirky point of view. Niemann is also the author of many books, including the monograph Sunday Sketching and WORDS, a visual dictionary for children. The lightheartedness of his work will no doubt leave a smile on your face and have you looking at the ordinary in a different light. Be sure to check out his column "Abstract Sunday" and have some fun with his interactive apps!

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"My goal is to speak visuals like a pianist speaks piano."

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Esemble_Journal_Lo_Behold_Christoph_Nieman_CHAMP DE MARS II_BROOKLYN BRIDGE

To keep up with Niemann’s latest work, make sure you visit his website or follow him on Instagram: @abstractsunday.

All images © Christoph Niemann