Traveler Series: Ida Anduyan, Style Blogger & Digital Creative

Posted on 14 June 2017

With the arrival of summer, we can't help but dream about gorging on sweet cooling treats and that perfect shade of cinnamon skin tone. But with the thought of summer also comes the thought of holiday and travel. For some reason, the heat is a little more bearable when we're in a foreign country.

So we decided to recruit a few avid globe trotters to offer some thought on how they travel to inspire us some more. We present to you our Traveler Series!

Our first guest of the series is style blogger & digital creative, Ida Anduyan! Based in Philippines, Ida is all about digital art, fashion, and chill electro-soul music. She has a thing for skincare and makeup products with cute packaging; and copes with stress by watching movies while indulging popcorn and vanilla ice cream or playing video games all day. Ida's style has always been loud and fun — with LOTS of retro and just the right amount of cool & bubblegum eccentricity.

Join us as she shared with us her dream destinations and tips for fellow globetrotters. Don't forget to check out her Blog and follow her on Instagram to enjoy more of her work!

ESEMBLE JOURNAL Traveler Series Ida Anduyan Dive Bucket Bag in Taffy Pink Wall
Shot in Manila, Philippines with Dive Bucket Bag in Taffy

The images on your Instagram and blog are shot beautifully! The locations all seem to be tropical destinations. How many countries have you travelled to?

I'm gonna include my own country 'cause I've been to a lot of beautiful places here. So that would make it 3: Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong.

ESEMBLE JOURNAL Traveler Series Ida Anduyan Dive Bucket Bag in Taffy Travel Lifestyle
Shot in Cotabato City, Philippines; Iligan City, Philippines

Home is where the heart is, but there are certain things that make it much easier to be away from home. What are 3 essentials that you can't leave home without and will never forget to bring?

My cellphone, camera, oil blotting sheets.

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” - The purpose of travel varies from people to people. What inspires you to travel and what do you hope to find?

I want to travel simply because I want to explore and take in what different parts of the world has to offer. Every part of the world has its own little world with its own norms, cultures, specialties, and magical spots, and I want to see it and experience it myself. I hope to find new ideas, new things about the world and myself that I didn't know exist.

ESEMBLE JOURNAL Traveler Series Ida Anduyan Dive Bucket Bag in Taffy Green Wall
Shot in Manila, Philippines with Dive Bucket Bag in Taffy

Traveling allows one to explore cultures outside of our own. When you travel to a new destination, how do you submerge yourself in the local scene?

When I travel to another country, I really enjoy doing the mundane things locals do. I enjoy commuting, walking around their streets, eating what they usually eat on the daily... really normal things but done their way.

ESEMBLE Traveler Series Ida Anduyan Dive Bucket Bag in Taffy Lush
Shot in Manila, Philippines

Do you have any travel plans coming up?

Either Las Vegas or Vietnam. The former is still pending.

Being an avid traveller, what is one of the places that you would recommend visiting?

As excited and willing I am to travel to a lot of places, I actually haven't been around much yet... but I do love Hong Kong. I don't know, something about the place just makes me love it so much. The shopping spots are amazing, and food, even just how the streets look like. I love it. BUT If you're after beaches, I definitely recommend the Philippines. You can find nice resorts an hour away from the Metro.


All images © Ida Anduyan

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